Treasure: Dendeng Batokok Lado Ijo

Yes. It’s not overrated to say that “Dendeng Batokok Lado Ijo” of R.M Malah Dicubo is one of my favourite hidden treasure I found in Bandung. When I need to spice up the day, I’d eat ther. When I’m back from vacation, I’d eat there. When I want to eat delicious food, I definititely will eat there…

Dendeng, similar to Beef Jerky, is a thin-sliced meat that you have to “Tokok” (hit) to make it tender, then dried fried ’till it get crunchy and served with the spice of “Lado Ijo“, a secret green chili sauce.
For all of you who claim to love spicy food, especially Minangkabau and Indonesian cuisine,  I challenge you to eat this Dendeng. You can come to R.M Malah Dicubo at Stasiun Hall Selatan 27 Street, Bandung, Indonesia.

Tambo Ciek, Uda!! (One more, bro!!)

-we use the term to ask the waiter to add another menu in Minangkabau restaurants-


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