Photo Sphere and Tiny Planet Photo

Last month, I uploaded a photo of an Islamic Center in Mabuun, South Borneo. Then my friends gasped and asked how to take that kind of photo. At first, it’s seems like a complex editing and manipulation technique. But, actually, it doesn’t. So, I write you this post to answer.

For making the Tiny Planet, you have to take a Photo Sphere, a 360-degree panoramic photo. I use my LG Nexus 5, since the Google Camera has a feature to do that. I just click the Photo Sphere option and then follow the dots given until get 360-degree  panoramic photo (360° horizontal and 180° vertical). For you who have other smartphone, you can use the Google Street View Camera, since it also has the feature. After you finish following the dots, the photo will appears as follows.


It appears as flat photo in this post. But if you use the proper apps, you can see it 360-degree view, makes the audience feel like they are in the location, even though they aren’t. I suggest you to use this to feel that kind of experience (now, you can also upload it to facebook, since Zuckerberg updated the app to view the 360-degree panoramic). I’m sorry for the imperfect-connected-line in the photo, I took it in a hurry because it was gloomy weather. I still have to take lots of training to make the perfect photos :p

Then, if you want to make the Tiny Planet, there’s an additional editing step. As far as I know, you can use thes e three apps.

  • For you who use the Nexus 5, it’s available in the Google Camera. Open the photo gallery directly from the Camera (don’t open the photo from the Gallery!). Once you get the photo sphere, the editor will appear and you can choose the ‘Create Tiny Planet’ option. Then you can set the ‘Rotate’ and ‘Zoom’ to make the planet as you desire.
  • For another Android user, you can use the Gallery KK. It seems like a usual Gallery app, but you can use the editor to make the Tiny Planet in the ‘+/-‘ Section, the option is just the same as Google Camera. FYI, this app also has an additional feature, you can use the inverse tiny planet. You do the 180-degree mirroring effect first, then you use the tiny planet maker as usual, but you will get another amazing photo.
  • For Apple Iphone user, you can use the LivingPlanet App, but I don’t know much about it, because I am not Apple user, but you can visit this Instagram account to see the app user’s photos.


So, as The Chainsmoker says, LET ME TAKE A PHOTO SPHERE!! 😀

P.S. Tiny Planet and Inverted Tiny Planet photo I took in Padar Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

P.S.S Please excuse any English mistakes

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